July 2019

halo strap for quest1 first release, first generation product was very poor quality due to first time in manufacturing industry with no experience with any product

November 2019

After months of learning and tweaking, the final version of halo strap was released with integrated headphones and an optimized product design so that he finally looks like a real product。

September 2020

Moving into September 2020, quest2 was released and we updated the halo strap for quest2 as well

November 2020

The halo strap product launch suffered a lag due to the new crown outbreak, but production was finally completed in November.


Due to market pressure, we continued to refine the halo strap product in 2013, and since I've been a PCVR gamer in the past and ignored the user's need for batteries, I've added a magnetic battery pack to this version as well, and completely upgraded the rear brain with a design scheme that is common to the quest pro


In 2024, we accidentally realized that QUEST2's HALO STRAP was a perfect fit for Apple's VISION PRO, so we continued to design other products in VISION PRO

2024 May

Official launch of Comfort Module, similar to Apple's process, supports dual VR/MR modes