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18W Magnetic Battery Pack For Quest3

3 x 5000mAh batteries Equipped with 18W fast charging base plate 5v /3a,  9V/2a 12v/1.5a  stabilized input and output Please note that battery products only support special logistics transportation of batteries

Comfort Face Cover For Quest3

Designed to resemble the official shape and size PU leather foam with high resilience memory foam for comfort Suitable for VR gamers who like comfort and don't care about FOV, and prefer an all-black environment.

Comfort Module for Vision Pro

The top is made of soft, high-quality, slow-rebound memory foam that reduces pressure on the head. The back of the head has a larger, more comfortable rounded cushion with soft memory foam.  


Designed for vr gamers who prefer a large field of view. Improved mask width and reduced height Increased air vents on both sides of the top High-quality protein leather PU material is sweat-proof Soft and slow rebound memory foam inside Because this design may sacrifice some comfort in order to get the maximum FOV, we recommend using it with the halo stap

Full Light Blocker for quest pro


Half Circle Halo Strap for QUEST PRO

Original price was: $48.00.Current price is: $43.00.
Snap-on quick release mounting with up/down Replace the default rear pad with a larger and more comfortable sponge cushion, which provides better wrapping and a larger force-bearing area. Suitable for all head shapes, using this mod kit can increase comfort by 100% and can be easily worn all day long.